Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A-Z eLearning Companies In India

I prepared this list of eLearning companies in India, sometime back for a different purpose, just thought of sharing it with everyone by putting it into an interesting sequence. :)

Hope this helps someone in someway!


Initial Company Website
# 24x7Learning  www.24x7learning.com
# 4C-Learning Solutions  www.4c-learning.com
A Aptara  www.aptaracorp.com
A Aptech Learning Services www.aptechlearningservices.com
A Anmipro Technologies Pvt. Ltd www.anmipro.com 
A Aims Digital www.aimsdigital.com
B Ballistic Learning Pvt. Ltd www.ballisticlearning.com
C Classteacher Learning Systems www.classteacher.com
C ClearPoint learning  www.clearpointlearning.com
C CommLabIndia  www.commlabindia.com
C C&K Management www.cnkonline.com
D DelphianLogic www.DelphianLogic.com
D Designmate  www.Designmate.com
E eNyota learning  www.enyotalearning.com
E ExcelSoft www.excelindia.com
E Enhance Systems www.enhancelearning.co.in
E E-Zest www.e-zest.net
E Exemplarr www.exemplarr.com
E Easygyan www.easygyan.com
E Everonn Systems India Limited  www.everonn.com
F FCS Software Solutions www.fcsltd.com
G G-Cube solutions  www.gc-solutions.net
G Genpact  www.genpact.com
G Gurukul Online Learning Solutions www.GurukulOnline.co.in
H Harbinger Knowledge Products  www.HarbingerKnowledge.com
H Hurix Systems  www.Hurix.com 
H HusWeb Solutions www.husweb.in
I Indecomm Global www.indecommglobal.com
I ITAD Group www.itadgroup.com
I InfoPro Learning www.infoprolearning.com
K Kern Learning Solutions www.kernlearning.com
L Learningmate www.learningmate.com 
L Learn Tech  www.LearnTech.in 
L LionBridge www.lionbridge.com
M Magic Software www.MagicSW.com 
M MVS Softech Private Limited www.mvssoftech.com
N NIIT  www.niit.com
N Nextwave Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. www.nextwavemultimedia.com
P Piron Corporation www.pironcorp.com
R Renaissance eServices Pvt. Ltd. www.r-eserve.com
S Sify eLearning www.sifyelearning.com
S Swift eLearning Services www.elearningserv.com
S SunTec  www.SunTecIndia.com
S Stam Interactive www.staminteractive.com
T The Boston Group  www.thebostongroup.com
T Tata Interactive Systems  www.tatainteractive.com
T TechnoScore www.technoscore.com
T Triumph India www.triumphindia.com
T Tridat Technologies www.tridatindia.com
U Upside Learning Solutions www.UpsideLearning.com
V Vibgyor360 www.vibgyor360.com
W WordDeNovo Tech Solutions www.worddenovo.com
W WhiteHouse Business Solutions www.whitehouseit.com
X Xceed Learning www.xceedlearning.com
Z Zeus Learning  www.zeuslearning.com
Z Zobble Solutions www.zobble.com

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